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Smartstart package

ITEM & PRICE Description

Base Program

Grade 7
P 60,990
Grade 8
P 60,600
Grade 9
P 60,600
Grade 10
P 61,200
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· All instructional materials
· School Management System and Digital Laboratory
· K-12 Achievement Test Fees
· Library, guidance services and student ID
· Medical, Dental and Insurance Fees
· Graduation fee (for G10 only)

ITEM & PRICE Description

Student ConsultationsP20,000/year

*Strictly by appointment
(slots must be reserved by the student)
**Note: Must be applied upon enrollment


Weekly Group Discussion

· Kick-off sessions with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other students to start off the student’s case studies for the week (one Weekly Group Discussion per subject)

Subject Consultation

· One-on-one or group sessions (students may choose based on preference) where students can ask any additional questions regarding their case studies per subject

Validation Sessions

· One-on-one consultations to check on the student’s progress (both overall and per subject) and measure the learning pace of the student in comparison to the others

*Catch-up plans will be developed if needed

Parent In-Service TrainingP10,000/year

*Headed by an award-winning coaching team **Note: Must be applied upon enrollment

· 4 quarterly sessions (including a Kick-Off Session at the start of the school year)
· Headed by a dedicated Parent Counseling and Development Team that will:

(1) address all necessary concerns brought up by parents, and

(2) provide guidance, skills, and practices that help parents become effective educators at home

Field Trip (with other students)P5,000/trip

*Note: Must be applied during the course of the school year

Planned with SmartClass’ various partners

Sample field trips include: Ayala Museum, Environmental field trips

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Logo algorithmics Digital Track

NOTE: Must be applied upon enrollment
ITEM & PRICE Description

Digital Designer Track

Digital Designer Track: P15,000 (18-20 lessons per year)

For your budding future architects, fashion designers, interior decorators etc. looking to get a head start on developing digitally-aided design futures

Content Creator Track

Content Creator Track: P15,000 (18-20 lessons per year)

For your budding social media influencers or those looking to build personal digital brands that they can use for developing future CVs and careers

Game Developer Track

Game Developer Track: P15,000 (18-20 lessons per year)

For your budding gamers who don't just want to play games, but design them for other people

Software Developer Track

Software Developer Track: P15,000 (18 lessons per year)

For those who aspire to be the next tech wizard. Learn the basics of programming for operating systems, designing apps and more.
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Smartvalue package
Base Program 60,900 60,600 60,600 61,200
Student Consulation 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
Parent In-Service Training 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Digital track of choice 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000
Total package 105,900 105,600 105,600 106,200
Discount 5,900 5,600 5,600 5,200
After Discount 100,000 100,000 100,000 101,000