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Lifestyle adaptive homeschooling
Lifestyle adaptive homeschooling

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My school life got much better ever since I transferred to SmartClass. It was challenging at first but over time, I found it fun and exciting.
Arschelle Bryne Afable, SCH-08
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My communication skills, both written and oral, have substantially improved because of the IAs and extracurricular activities, and I have gained new skills that I can use in the future, such as video editing, making presentations, designs, and infographics, and conducting research. I was able to apply the lessons taught in class to real-world scenarios through the many readings and synchronous discussions, such as the importance of communication, freedom of speech, collaborating with others, and character development.
Noah Daniel Bondoc, SCH-08
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I learned how to be independent and ask for help only if needed. I feel that I became a better student. My English speaking skills also greatly improved.
Keia San Agustin, SCH-09
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Enrollment for SY23-24 is Closed. See you next year homeschoolers

For Re-enrollees, please contact:

Mary Divine Villafuerte

For New Enrollees, please contact:

Ivonne Arcinue

Nadine Tolentino

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Learn at Your Own Pace

SmartClass is homeschooling that puts the student first.
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Lifestyle adaptive learning
fits students who need to migrate or travel as our program can be done at the students’ own time or place
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innovative and progressive methods
uses case-study learning to give students a real-life application of their lessons
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encourages parent-engagement
guides parents on how to become effective learning advocates to their children
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academic & learning experts on board
led by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who facilitates the subjects being delivered
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SmartClass encourages parents to be involved in their child's education. Helping the parents are two sets of learning coaches: our Subject Matter Experts for academic coaching and Academic Coordinator for assistance on daily study management.

This triangle of support helps students get immersed in the program and accelerate their learning pace.

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Why Learn with SmartClass?

Flexibility – study according to the students’ schedule, in any location, and across a range of topics that interest the student

Progressive approach – learn through critical and experiential programs measured by project-based assessments rather than test-taking and memory-based challenges

Constructivist Based Learning – Tackle real-life cases that allow students to apply learned theory, solve real-world issues, and develop practical problem-solving skills.

Additional modules – opt to take courses on particular digital interests of the student such as content creation, programming, and web/game development

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Meet the SmartClass Team

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Team 1

Mark Sy

Chief Academic Officer

Team 2

Jhanine Barateta

Program Lead

Team 9

Mark Louie Lumangaya

Academic Coordinator

Team 3

Jomar Antom

MAPEH - Subject Matter Expert

Team 4

Phronesis Joy Cabrera

Science - Subject Matter Expert

Team 10

Kent Haridas Resurreccion

English - Subject Matter Expert

Team 11

Giselle Bandal

Filipino - Subject Matter Expert

Team 8

Alyssa Pantaleon

Math - Subject Matter Expert

Team 5

Matthew De Castro

Social Studies - Subject Matter Expert

Team 6

Mayumi Miriam Garciano

LifeLabs - Subject Matter Expert

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